Friday, June 10, 2005

TIPS SharePoint

TIPS SharePoint is a connector that seamlessly integrates TOWER Software TRIM Context and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003.

TIPS SharePoint provides users with a single view and access to all their corporate information (including TRIM records & documents, file server, email, collaboration site and intranet) within the rich, easy to use SharePoint interface.

Main Features

  • Unified Search – allows users to search both TRIM and non-TRIM content sources in one click
  • Automatic Notification – ability to set up automatic e-mail alerts on search queries, for new matching records/documents or changes to existing records/documents
  • TRIM documents/records via Intranet – ability to view TRIM records/documents in the browser
  • Check out/Check in – ability to check out and check in TRIM records/documents in browser
  • Unified Taxonomy – ability to integrate with the TRIM Business Classification schema with SharePoint topics for easy taxonomy navigation
  • TRIM records/document Security – maintain TRIM security on all records/documents through an integrated authentication model
  • Personalised Information Relevant To You
  • Provides the user with single access to key applications such as TRIM, Exchange e- mail,calendar, team collaboration sites, alerts to documents and other business applications
  • Integrated view of relevant information from various applications
  • Single page with personalised access to information for users

  • Search Across Multiple Content Sources
    Search TRIM and non-TRIM content sources
    Set up alerts on records/documents or search queries providing automated e-mail alerts of changes or availability of new matching records/documents


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