Monday, August 29, 2005

TechEd 2005 Gold Coast: SharePoint Sessions

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The TechEd 2005 will be starting this week from 30 Aug – 2 Sep at Gold Coast. Following are the 3 SharePoint presentations details,

SharePoint Portal Server 2003: Best Practices for an Implementation
Gayan Peiris

Come to this session and learn the best practices on designing a SharePoint Portal Server 2003 implementation. This session discusses the ten key areas of planning that need to be considered in your design, why you should consider developing a SharePoint Planning Team and what to do if you've already deployed portal server and need to make adjustments to your design. The advice is straightforward and based on the experience of working with many clients in many different scenarios. If you manage or design for SharePoint Portal Server 2003, you should attend this session.

30 Wednesday 3.50pm – 5.05pm

SharePoint Products and Technologies: Issues and Problems Solved
John Hodgson

This session will cover the challenges that you are likely to encounter in a SharePoint Products and Technologies solution. Attend this presentation to get valuable insight into your future projects to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge to address these situations. We'll cover both SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services 2.0. Various 3rd party products will be discussed and we'll present useful, custom code to deliver the most common demands of users.

30 Wednesday 11.55am – 1.10pm

Developing Site Definitions and Templates for Windows SharePoint Services
John Hodgson

Site definitions are the most powerful, flexible way to customise existing sets of SharePoint sites or create entirely new classes of sites designed to address specific business needs. Learn how to use a combination of XML instructions and ASP.NET pages to design solutions that users can self-provision just by selecting a template in Windows SharePoint Services. In this session, we build a solution that involves custom lists, views, pages, Web Parts, Web services, and design elements. Come see and learn the same techniques that were used to provide key functionality for Visual Studio Team System, BizTalk Server, Class Server, Microsoft CRM, MBS Business Portals, and (of course) SharePoint Portal Server.

31 Thursday 3.45pm- 500pm

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