Wednesday, August 02, 2006

OFC311 Everything We Can Possibly Cover about Developing with SharePoint Technology in 1hour @ TechEd 2006 Sydney

OFC311 Everything We Can Possibly Cover about Developing with SharePoint Technology in 1hour
Thursday, August 24 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM, Bayside 201
Speaker(s): Mike Fitzmaurice, Steve Heaney, Gayan Peiris
Session Level(s): 300
Session Type(s): Breakout Session
Track(s): Office System

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 will include major new support for custom metadata around documents, lists, pages, sites, and just about everything else. 2007 Microsoft Office system clients and servers will make extensive use of this, and so can your own applications. This session explores the new Content Type environment as well as the new push-down options that they offer. It includes an extensive discussion about how developers can leverage the built-in base field types to create their own custom field types to customize the data entry experience. Finally, this session shows you how to leverage other list facilities to create your own SharePoint site solutions. OR Major improvements lie ahead for SharePoint site definition development, the biggest one being Feature definitions. Come discover how to reduce your site definition complexity, eliminate large chunks of copied code, improve versioning, eliminate inconsistency, and activate, deactivate, and deploy SharePoint features. This session also explores the environment for distributed deployment of SharePoint using a Solution Definition, also new to Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. Come see if the business solution you have been looking can be packaged in a Solution.


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