Monday, June 27, 2005

SharePoint customisation through FrontPage 2003

Following is an email I received from a reader that got in trouble customising the SPS through FrontPage 2003.


How u doing ? Quick question. I have altered a page is FrontPage 2003
and after that If I create a document Library its doesn't appear on
side task, for e.g If you look at corner where it says Documents, If I create another it doesn't appear. My manager wants to fix that so people can be able to use it without using MF 2003.

I looked for solution on your site and MSD2D.. I will really appreciate your help in this matter.

Best Regards
Attiq Khan


Ok.. How about you open the home page again and replace the documentlibrary web part with a one you know its working?

Ex: Create a new WSS site. Add some document Libraries...make sure its working fine. Then open the new WSS site in Front page. Select the Split window and select Share Documents web part from design view and copy theHTML for the web part.

Now.. open the WSS site that having the problem and replace the HTML.

Let me know, how did it went...


Thanks for your help, yes It did work, u can copy the html and then paste it in WSS Sites but the problem is that when you that your table structure gets messed up, then you have to do some Html to fix the page format.

The HTML structure shouldn’t get messed up if you copy the web part code and replace it inside the correct HTML tag. Even if you do a mistake, it shouldn’t be hard to get the original look and feel by playing around with the HTML. (That if you are familiar with HTML)


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