Monday, December 12, 2005

Work Phone not display in SharePoint Search results.

SharePoint is a great tool to find people in your organisation. Rather than have to build a people finder application, you can use the SharePoint out of the box functionality to search for users.

The search result does display the name, image, and work phone and job title by default in the search results. The above details are taken from the Profile database and index part of the crawled documents properties.

I accidentally delete the work phone from the profile database and search results were not displaying the work phone details any more. Even creating the Work Phone as a profile property, it was still not displaying the search results.

To fix this problem

• Navigate the Site settings => Manage properties from crawled documents
• Expand urn:schemas-microsoft-com:sharepoint:portal:profile
• Select work phone
• The “Include this property in the content index” and "Allow property to be displayed” option under “Search Option” should be checked
• But after creating the new work phone profile property, only “Include this property in the content index” option was checked.
• Because of the “Allow property to be displayed” was not checked, the search results was still not displaying the work phone details.
• To fix this problem I have to open the SQL database. (Not some thing I like to do all the time, but there was no other option)
• I found out that the information was stored in _SERV database, MX_Properties tables.
• The Flags collum determines what the option enabled in Search Option section
• I simply change the Flags collum value for Work Phone from 263714 to 265763
• Then run a full index
• The problem was fixed